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Sprout School Supplies – On Sale Now through August 1st

Have you ever found yourself at Target in August looking for yellow and purple folders with brads, only to find yellow folders with no brads and no purple folders in sight? So you jump in your 105 degree car and run over to H.E.B. and there are the purple folders, but no brads!!! You are about to give up due to heat exhaustion and frustration but you decide to make one last ditch effort at Randalls. Low and behold there is a purple folder with brads but you then realize this folder costs twice as much as all of your other folders. Oh well! If this sounds familiar, BUY ONLINE AT SPROUT SCHOOL SUPPLIES NOW at http//www.sproutsupplies.com/bwe School Code BWES001
Earn 10% back on every school supply purchase for the Bryker Woods PTA while saving time and money!