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This website is one of many important channels of communication. Please see “How we communicate.” to learn more – especially with regard to the relationship of this website and the Livingtree site. Also please let us know of anything you notice that needs correction – or anything that can be done to improve communication and transparency. Please note that we are in the process of updating website content especially with regard to potential changes in policy, procedures and schedules. See new Panther Guide!

LivingTree communication network update

We have received the AISD data feed/update and the BW Livingtree network looks to be in place. All students and parents (who provided an email address) *should* have been automatically on-boarded. Some people are still having problems however. Below is some information that will help those still having issues.

  • For those still not a member of the Bryker Woods Livingtree network, please see “How do I join?” > Creating an account is a snap! Just go to our home page (https://www.livingtree.com) to sign up! You’ll be able to create your account as a teacher, parent, student, or group leader. If you select ‘organization,’ you’ll be prompted to fill out a form of information about your org, and Livingtree support  get back with you soon with next steps.
  • For those not receiving notifications, please see, “How do I change my notification preferences?” > In your account, click ‘Edit Profile & Preferences’ Scroll down to notification settings, and select or de-select the notification options according to your preference. Be sure to save your changes before you exit.
  • See FAQ’s  http://support.livingtree.com/faqs/ for other information describing Livingtree and how it works.

Emily and I are serving as the Bryker Woods Livingtree network administrators. We are fielding all the request best we can. We appreciate your patience. Thx.