PTA Needs You!

One of the best ways to contribute to our school is by helping our PTA with the many initiatives, programs, activities and special events that they sponsor and coordinate.

Top Ten reasons to volunteer for PTA:

10. You get to know the teachers and staff.
9. You’re child will think you run the school 🙂
8. You get to meet awesome Panther parents.
7. You get to help make decisions that impact your child’s experience.
6. You gain a deeper understanding of the school’s needs.
5. It’s fun!
4. You are helping to make a difference.
3. You can be part of the solution.
2. It’s important for the school.
1. Because…….Bryker Woods. Needs. You!

It goes without saying we can’t accomplish the goals of the PTA without the support of the amazing parents we have at this school. Please don’t assume someone else is doing it; please click on the link below and check the boxes where you can help, there are so many opportunities!!!

Thank you for supporting The Best School in our Town!

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