Mission & Values

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The mission of Bryker Woods Elementary School is to educate all students through an enriched, differentiated curriculum in a cooperative manner, so that they  become successful, responsible citizens.

We believe:

  • all children should have the best educational opportunities.
  • all children should be allowed to develop to their potential emotionally, socially, academically, and physically.
  • all children and teachers are entitled to a physically and emotionally safe environment.
  • children have the right to develop a role for themselves within the school community and, ultimately, in the civic community.
  • the best educational environment includes active participation by students, teachers, families and other community members.
  • all children possess special gifts, talents, skills and potential, which must be discovered and nurtured.
  • incorporate innovative teaching methods that supplement traditional classroom teaching techniques to reach students with many learning styles.
  • teachers should be given the opportunity to grow professionally and should be given the resources with which to implement newly acquired knowledge.
  • as a school, we should encourage and demonstrate positive values

Bryker Woods Peace Pledge
I will choose peace over conflict
I will talk it out rather than fight it out
I will allow the teachers to teach and the learners to learn.

Bryker Wood Elementary students will:

  • Be Responsible
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Kind
  • Be Safe

In the Cafeteria
Stay seated and raise your hand for assistance.
• Use a quiet voice.
• Walk at all times.
• Keep your food to yourself.
• Clean up after yourself.

In the Restroom
Take care of your own business.
• Use only a quiet voice.
• Wash hands.
• Leave the bathroom clean.

On the Sidewalk
• Stay in a straight line on the right.
• Walk quietly, especially by any classrooms.
• Enter and leave the building quietly.
• Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

In the Hallway
• Walk silently.
• Stay in a straight line on the right.
• Follow teacher directions to each stop sign.
• Enter and leave the building quietly.
• Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

On the Playground
• Walk to and from the playground.
• Play safely and use equipment appropriately.
• Ask permission to use lower field and the garden area.
• Stay in sight of the playground supervisors.
• Keep the playground clean.