Panther Peace Plan

The Bryker Woods campus will follow the Panther Peace Plan process for classroom, recess and lunchroom behaviors that require redirection.  Students will be given opportunities to reflect and refocus when undesired behaviors are exhibited.  Parents will be notified by the teacher and/or administration when necessary including a conference when needed.  If a student receives 3 Code of Conducts within an 8 week period, a discipline referral will be issued and student will be escorted to the office to meet with administration.  Parents will be called to discuss a support plan for the student.


The entire Special Area team is unified and committed to actively help your child develop physically and creatively. We have established a learning climate that is positive and motivates students to learn through tools of cooperation. Children are held responsible for their own actions. The shared action plan is consistent in each special area including art, music, physical education and library. Also see Special Area Peacefest Celebration!

Individual Daily Action Plan

1st Warning –Verbal reminder of inappropriate behavior.
2nd Warning – Planning Time (aka PT) – Student is removed from the activity area for a short period of time to reflect on their behavior and devise a verbal plan. With composure, the student will communicate this plan to their special area teachers and return to the activity.
3rd Warning – Control Time (aka CT) – and final interference. The student is finished participating with the group for that period and will receive written work. Parent contact may occur.

9 Weeks Conduct Grade

The students conduct grade is reflective of the individual action plan criteria. Any combination of the below steps are recorded and tallied at the end of each 9 weeks to determine the students grade. Wearing tennis shoes on P.E. days is a clear expectation of excellence.

4 – Excellent
1 Warning or less
0 Planning Times (PT’s)
0 Control Times (CT’s)

3 – Consistent
2 to 3 Warnings
1 PT’s
0 CT’s

2 – Needs Improvements
4 or more Warnings
1 PT and 2 Warnings
1 PT and 2 Warnings
2 PT’s
1 CT

To enable students to earn back their grade, probationary periods and criteria might be set privately with the student and teacher.