Visitor Information

Please stop by the office first whenever you visit our campus. This is important at all times except when attending morning assembly, bringing children to school in the mornings and picking them up at dismissal time. We will use the district adopted Raptor program to scan your driver’s license and then a personalized visitor’s badge will be issued to you.

Please know that the school office will not release a child to anyone other than those individuals listed in our data  files. Parents/guardians must notify us in writing if there are changes to this list or approved relatives, friends, and neighbors who may transport your child to or from school. Any individuals who pick up students from school will be asked to provide identification to verify their identity.

Want to volunteer?  Please see Volunteer webpage.

If you wish to visit a class, please prearrange this with the teacher. We ask that you keep such visits to a minimum and stay no longer than 30 minutes at a time. This is out of courtesy to our teachers. The presence of individuals other than teachers and students in the classroom can change the dynamics of the environment. We want to ensure the greatest possible learning time while your children are at school.

We welcome visitors to our campus and encourage you to enjoy lunch with your child. If you are having lunch outside the cafeteria (in the hallway or at the picnic tables) please check in the front office to obtain a visitor’s badge and sign out your child. A student may invite 2 peers to join them, however, this must be prearranged with written permission from their parent(s) and the note presented to the front office staff.

Parking in and around the campus can be a challenge as we grow (we actually have fewer designated spots than staff members). We would appreciate your not driving through the designated staff parking lot during arrival and dismissal as it is a safety concern. Thanks!