School History

Surrounded by beautiful oak trees, Bryker Woods Elementary School was built in 1939 and has served our community continually since that time (learn more about the history of Bryker Woods Elementary). It has been a regular elementary school, a science magnet school, a school for kindergarten through 3rd grade (paired with Campbell Elementary School for 4th through 6th grades), and is now one of the few remaining schools for students in kindergarten through 6th grade. Students attending our school live in all parts of the city–approximately 5% attend Bryker Woods on a transfer basis.

Please note that because of our small campus size, we have several portables. Kinder and first grade are in the North-South hallway. Our gym is located to the left as you exit this hallway. Fifth and sixth graders are in the East-West hallway, and the art and music room are located down the stairs at the end of this hall. Most of the other grades are in the portables.

MOTTO: “The Best School in Our Town”
COLORS: Green and White
MASCOT: Panther

The Bryker Woods Anthem “Bryker Woods Forever!”

Bryker Woods forever!
The best school in our town.
We’ll stand be-side her
and we’ll never never never ever let her down.
Through the years that follow,
we’ll keep our banner high.
We’ll be faithful Bryker Woods as years go by.


Bryker Woods Elementary Library circa 1940s