Transportation & Parking

Elementary school children need the security of knowing exactly what to do when the school day is over. A message can be relayed to a child through the school office if an emergency necessitates a change in plans. A predetermined plan should be made for walkers on rainy days. Students who miss their bus or car pool or are not picked up by 3:10 p.m. are instructed to go to the school office for assistance and to stay in the office until their ride arrives.

All children should be picked up no later than 3:10 p.m.

The safety of students is a top priority of parents and school staff. The school’s rules for walkers, bicycle riders, and drivers are of primary importance in maintaining an accident-free environment for all of our students.

Rules for Walkers
• Cross streets with safety patrol or crossing guard
• Cross streets at corner after making sure conditions are safe
• Walk on sidewalks
• Do not talk to strangers or accept rides from strangers
• Always follow a planned, direct route to destination
• Stay with other walkers whenever possible
• Go directly home or to any other agreed-upon destination

Rules for Bike Riders
• All bicycle riders must wear helmets
• Bicycles must be walked on campus
• Bicycles must be parked and locked each day in the bicycle racks in front of the school and racks by 34th St.
• Do not talk to strangers or accept rides from strangers
• Always follow a planned, direct route to your destination
• Travel with other bike riders whenever possible
• Go directly home or to any other agreed-upon destination

Rules for Drivers
• Do not park or leave your vehicle unattended in the circle drive
• Remain in single file in the circular driveway until your child has either boarded or exited
• There should be a continuous SLOW flow of cars in the circular driveway
• Exit to the left of the line of cars in the circular driveway only after your child has boarded, and the right line is not moving. Be sure to go SLOWLY and PAY ATTENTION to walkers, Safety Patrol members, and parent volunteers
• Bryker Woods is a “No Idle Zone”. Do not leave car motors running while waiting for your child
• Do not park in neighbors’ driveways or business parking lots

Rules for Bus Riders
• Stay in your seat
• Keep head, hands, and feet inside bus
• Do not throw objects inside the bus or out the window
• Do not eat or drink on the bus
• Be courteous
• Cooperate with the bus driver
• Keep the bus clean
• Follow all regular school rules while on the bus
• Bus driver is authorized to assign seats

Students living more than two miles from school but within the school boundaries are eligible for bus service. Other students who live to the east of Lamar may also be eligible for this service. The school office has copies of the bus routes and designated stops. Guests of children riding the bus must give the driver written permission from a parent or guardian, signed by the principal, before entering the bus. The Bus Stop Finder utility is designed to help parents and students determine school bus transportation eligibility, bus stop locations, and stop times can be found on the AISD website. See AISD “bus stop finder”.

If a student violates one or more rules for riding the bus, the bus driver will report the violation to the principal. The student will have a conference with school staff, and the student’s parents will be notified. For subsequent offenses, the student may be suspended from the bus, the student’s parents will be notified, and the school staff will issue a written warning of consequences for future violations.

Please do not park or leave cars unattended in the circular drive. This area needs to remain accessible for drop-off and pick-up of students. You may park along 34th Street. Please do not park in the Faculty and Staff parking lot.

We want to maintain a good relationship with our neighbors, too. Please do not block any driveways on any street, and be sure to heed any designated “No Parking” areas. Look for signs or painted curbs to indicate such areas. Nearby business parking lots are not for our use. Space must be available for the customers or clients of these businesses. Be aware that vehicles may be towed at owner’s expense if they are left in “No Parking” areas. Thank you for your assistance with these traffic issues.