PTA Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee is responsible for coordinating weekly Monday Morning Coffee, and monthly Teacher Treats throughout the school year. They also plan and coordinate yearly events such as Back to School Night, Kinder Round-Up, Tears & Cheers, Fall Picnic, Staff Appreciation and Summer Kinder Playdates.

Monday Coffee- Every Monday (or Tuesday if we have no school scheduled on Monday), the PTA offers coffee outside in front of the school for parents arriving at assembly. It’s a great way to meet other parents and keep up with all the activities offered at school while also getting your caffeine fix!

Teacher Treats- Every month parents “treat” the Bryker Woods teachers and staff to a pot-luck luncheon. This tradition for the 50+ faculty and staff is a much appreciated (and anticipated!) event. Each individual grade level is assigned a month and a theme to “host” the luncheon by bringing the food and goods. The coordination of volunteers for food and time will be managed by the teacher treats committee – the hosting grade just contributes food or help. Typically, September and December treats are school-wide, not a hosted by a specific grade.

Meet the Teacher – Enjoy lemonade and cookies in the entry hall during the annual open house the Friday before school starts!

Tears and Cheers – Mingle with fellow Kinder parents in the cafeteria after drop off on the first day of school, and gather much-needed information during an informal Q&A session.

Fall Picnic – Celebrate the school year with an outdoor picnic in “our backyard” playground behind the school. Families bring blankets, dinner & drinks. PTA volunteers usually provide something sweet and something entertaining!

Non-teachings staff holiday gifts – We collect donations from BW parents and distribute these funds in holiday cards.

Kinder Roundup – Future BW Kindergarteners are encouraged to attend our annual registration event. We provide volunteers to help with logistics and give school tours after the families have registered and the kids have spent time in a Kindergarten classroom and gone through the lunch line for a light snack.