After School Programs (PTA)

The After-School Programs Committee finds and coordinates a variety of fun, educational after-school courses for our kids. Each semester, we bring in vendors to host programs like martial arts, sports, yoga, foreign languages, arts, music, and technology… just to name a few.

The PTA is pleased to offer some new courses in addition to many of our old favorites. See categories below. For more information, including course descriptions, hours, fees, and registration links see Also please see note (bottom of bage) from PTA After School Programs Committee Chairs.

All classes are held at Bryker Woods.  They begin at 3:15pm after teacher-dismissal and conclude at 4:15pm, unless otherwise noted. 


  • Chess Club
  • Robotics Academy
  • Snapology Lego Competition Club
  • Junior Web Devolopment
  • Bits, Bytes & Bots

Arts & Culture

  • Zach Theater
  • Chinese with Meggie
  • Sticky Fingers Cooking
  • Austin SEWcial
  • Loas Spanish
  • Austin Film Festival
  • iPianoLab
  • Smudge Studios


  • Young Guns Biking
  • Kung Fu
  • i9 Flag Football
  • TGA Tennis
  • Little House Yoga
  • Young Guns Running

Note from PTA After School Programs Committee Chairs

We are excited to get this semester of programs started and wanted to share some tips and best practices for you and your kiddos.

First though, we’d like to thank Ms. Kronke and all the teachers sharing their rooms with our programs! We are fortunate to have a school community that makes such a welcome space for our kiddos. (And makes it easy for parents to not have to drive all around town to get our kids to extra activities!)

There’s a full list of best practices for students, teachers, and parents on the terms page of our after-school website (, and we’ll highlight a few biggies to get you started:

1) Please make sure you and your child know where each class is taking place. All the programs’ locations are updated on the after-school website. Your child will get there independently each day, and you may want to walk to the room with them when you drop off in the morning to remind them the first time or two.

2) Please make sure your child and their teacher know what their after-school schedule is. Your child is responsible for remembering, but for the younger kids especially, it’s nice when your teacher knows where they are heading if they ask. Consider putting a Post-It on their desk (with the teacher’s permission) that says something like: “Tuesdays: Flag Football on the Field; Wednesdays: Snapology in the STEAM Lab.”

3) If your child is absent and/or will be missing the after-school program one day, please contact that vendor so they aren’t worrying about your kid being lost somewhere.

4) If you have any questions about the actual programs and courses, please tell the vendors. If you have any problems with the vendors, please tell our committee.

We hope you enjoy all these programs!

The PTA After-School Programs Committee

Regan Lenehan, Tara Levy, and Edwin Sequiera