School Crossing Guards

The School Crossing Guards are there every morning to help everyone get to school safely and efficiently. During their shifts they have observed several situations that are potentially dangerous for the kids, and for some adults as well. In some of the instances described below, convenience may outweigh rules and regulations, but let’s set a good example for children by following these safety procedures:

  • PLEASE DO NOT JAYWALK. It is potentially dangerous and does not set a good example for the children. The traffic on 34th Street is especially heavy and the drivers anxious to get to work might not see children darting from between parked cars.
  • When dropping a child or children off while pausing or parking on the street, please have the children exit your vehicle on the off-street side of the car. Do not allow the children to exit your vehicle into the street.
  • Please do not park or stop your car within 20 feet of any intersection. Besides being against the law it is a traffic hazard for the children crossing, and for traffic trying to negotiate the intersection.
  • Cellphone use while driving in a school zone is against the law. Period.
  • Please don’t cross the intersection until the crossing guard has given the nod to do so. The crossing guards try to keep traffic moving whenever possible so as to not get too big of a backup with traffic, and the crossing guard may be looking in one direction while parents and/or kids are crossing outside of their peripheral vision. Please make sure that the crossing guard has given you the go-ahead before entering the intersection.

The safety of every child is on my mind at all times while the crossing guards are “on duty” and your help in observing these procedures will go a long way to making things safer for all. Thank you all for your consideration!