Fall Carnival

Mark your calendars for our traditional Fall Carnival on Oct. 28, from 4:00 – 8:00 p.m. The first BW Fall Carnival was held in 1939 and among the food items served were tuna fish sandwiches! The menu has changed, but so much remains the same: the Bryker Woods community spirit!

Purchase wristbands @ https://brykerwo.ejoinme.org/Carnival2017

PTA Carnival 2017 Website Flyer


Question: I have to spend around $100 to go to the Carnival? That’s just too much. Answer: Here is what you get for your money: Limitless rides on the Mechanical Pumpkin, Ferris Wheel, Pirate Ride, Eurobungy, Tubs of Fun, Uproar Ride, Classic games like the Treasure Chest and Lollibot (so many more, too many to list, plus all of the AMAZING PRIZES are included with the games), Cake Walk (yes, you can take home 15 cakes if you do that many times), Book Walk (yes, you can be the owner of many “Barbie” books and other fine literature), Haunted House (it’s extra scary this year, just ask Dana Singh), Face Painters, Fortune Tellers, and so much more. Have I convinced you yet?

Question: Nope, you didn’t convince me with the previous answer. Answer: Please contact Ms. Ruth Hansen her e-mail address is: ruth.hansen@austinisd.org. Tell her you would like a scholarship for the Bryker Woods Fall Carnival.

Question: I missed it, how do I buy Pre-Order Wristbands? Answer: It’s EASY PEASY!!!! Click on this LINK: https://brykerwo.ejoinme.org/Carnival2017 ; Wait, wait, wait, I’m seeing this on a piece of paper, not electronically! Okay, email pumpkinpatchcarnival@gmail.com and we’ll send you the link! OR, you can write down this mess and type it into your web browser: https://brykerwo.ejoinme.org/Carnival2017

Question: I would like to pay cash or by Check Answer: NO PROBLEM! Registration Forms are available in the office by the PTA box, just fill it out and drop it in the box with your check or cash…in an envelope please, and mark BW CARNVIAL.

Question: Darn! I meant to order a t-shirt! Is it too late? Answer: Sorry Charlie, you missed the pre-order boat…but, we will have a limited supply on sale at the Carnival.
Did I mention the entertainment? It starts at 4:00 PM. Who is it you ask? Master of Ceremonies and Bryker Woods Principal Ms. Jane Kronke, The River City Pops to sing the Star-Spangled Banner and to perform a Halloween themed Mash-Up (who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!), Dance Discovery, Kula Karate, 2 costume contests, and yup, a THRILLER FLASH MOB

So many more Living Tree Posts to come in the next couple of weeks….if we didn’t answer it here, you will see it, if you miss it, please e-mail pumpkinpatchcarnival@gmail.com