ZAP is a bike, walk, and move to school program whose mission is to make walking and biking to school a way of life.

We are challenging every student at Bryker Woods to move to school by biking, scootering, walking the entire way, or even parking a few blocks from school and walking.

How Does it Work?

First you will need a ZAP rfid tag to attach to your backpack. Your tag from last year will still work. If you are new to Bryker Woods or new to the ZAP Program, tags are available in the school office.

When you arrive at school via ANY WAY but by car, park your bike if you have one, and walk under the ZAP pole at the front entryway of the school. You will know that

you’ve been “ZAPped” when you hear a bell and see the light on the ZAP flash.

Online, your unique tag will register every trip you make using alternative transportation (other than by car)! Once students are registered online for the ZAP program, that unique number on their tag will match up with their name, and they can keep track of how many trips they’ve made. Students challenge themselves!

How Do You Register?

Once you pick up your tag from the office, parents, register your students online at In order for the ZAP Program to work properly, it is critical that all participants register. The tags are ready and will be scanned and recorded immediately. However, they won’t be able to communicate personal participation information until the tag is registered. Keep on moving Panthers!