Livingtree is Bryker Woods Elementary’s private communication network. See to learn more. Livingtree and this website work together as means of communication for our school. Learn more.

Fall 2018 Update: 

We have received the AISD data feed/update and the BW Livingtree network looks to be in place. All students and parents (who provided an email address) *should* have been automatically on-boarded. Some people are still having problems however. Below is some information that will help those still having issues.

  • For those still not a member of the Bryker Woods Livingtree network, please see “How do I join?” > Creating an account is a snap! Just go to our home page ( to sign up! You’ll be able to create your account as a teacher, parent, student, or group leader. If you select ‘organization,’ you’ll be prompted to fill out a form of information about your org, and Livingtree support  get back with you soon with next steps.
  • For those not receiving notifications, please see, “How do I change my notification preferences?” > In your account, click ‘Edit Profile & Preferences’ Scroll down to notification settings, and select or de-select the notification options according to your preference. Be sure to save your changes before you exit.
  • See FAQ’s for other information describing Livingtree and how it works.