Homework Guidelines

Homework is a component of each student’s educational development. It establishes responsibility while enhancing grade level competencies and skills. It is a helpful tool for parents to reinforce work habits and student acquisition of skills.

A homework assignment is designed to be quality in nature and completed in an amount of time that is age appropriate. Parents are encouraged to provide assistance when needed. The homework experience is meant to be a valuable reinforcement of specific learning objectives.

Teachers will determine when homework will be assigned. Homework will not be assigned during weekends unless a student is making up work for excused absences.

The following defines “Homework”

  • Specific assignments
  • Completion of work assigned in class
  • Reading Logs
  • Studying for tests
  • Nightly practice (spelling words, math facts, reading, etc.)
  • Projects
  • Any other teacher-assigned activity to be completed at home

The following describes specific time recommendations for work to be done at home by Bryker Woods students. Any combination of homework tasks should not exceed the time totals prescribed:

Grade – Time
Kindergarten – 10 minutes
First Grade – 10 minutes
Second Grade – 20 minutes
Third Grade – 30 minutes
Fourth Grade – 40 minutes
Fifth Grade – 50 minutes
Sixth Grade – 60 minutes

This might be in addition to independent or shared reading. In the event a project is assigned, the teacher will eliminate scheduled tasks that would cause the amount of homework time to exceed recommendations.

Suggestions for Parents

  • Provide quiet, lighted working area for student to do homework.
  • Review homework assignments with child. Participate as appropriately directed by the teacher.
  • Be a timekeeper.
  • Inform teacher when amount of homework regularly exceeds time recommendations.