School Supplies


2019-20 School Supply Lists

Get a jump on next year and go to (school code BWES001). Your child’s school supplies will be waiting for them on the first day of school! Sprout School Supplies is a locally owned Austin company and is proud to give 10% of all school supply purchases back to our PTA! Supplies are on sale now through August 1st. We encourage you to use this quick, easy service and support the best school in our town!

Students are expected to have the necessary supplies for school each day. These supplies should be clearly labeled unless the teacher has asked that they not be marked individually. A supply list is available from your child’s teacher or in the school office. Please check your child’s supplies periodically and replenish when needed. If assistance is needed with acquiring school supplies, the parent should notify the school counselor at 414-7198.

It is the responsibility of the school to issue, collect, care for, and account for all state-adopted textbooks and library books. Students are responsible for lost or damaged books. The student and parents/guardians are responsible for paying for any textbooks or library books that are lost, damaged, or destroyed. Prices established by the district or state will be charged.