The quality of education at Bryker Woods is tied to the support the school receives from parents and families. As public education continues to experience budget cuts, school programs important to our children’s education must be supplemented. There are a variety of ways to support Bryker Woods Elementary. Many volunteering opportunities exist both within and outside the classroom (ask your student’s teacher). The PTA is always looking for volunteers, especially volunteers to lead significant school events (e.g. AxBW). See details about volunteering at Bryker Woods Elementary.

Financial contributions are also vital to continuing the quality of education we want for our children. The cost of providing supplementary education and supplies for teachers, field trips and classroom programs really adds up. This is where the PTA helps supplement our schools budget for education. See PTA budget details for more info. The funds that cover the PTA budget come from several sources. The Annual Panther Fund plays the biggest role. Other programs such as Spring Fling are also important. Funds raised through these programs can be used to procure new educational opportunities and or fund programs denied because of the absence of funds.